What’s in the detail?

Spot the FoxLitter hugs

I chose these pictures for the detail theme this week. I chose them because if you zoom in on the picture of the large building, you will spot a fox foraging in the bin. This animal is well-hidden but was quite bold on the night I took the picture.

The other picture of a block of flats would seem ordinary but the whole block is completely empty and not inhabited. This detail is only clear if you look carefully at the picture.


Above Us…..

Shadow Tours23205263071_56681778ee_k

The theme this week has been about what is above us. These picture beneath the motorway was taken because I thought the concrete structure of the M1 motorway was very stark and I liked the light.

The second picture was taken because it is eerie and it is the upper deck of an old double decker bus that we have renovated at school. I thought about the tens of thousands of people that have travelled and chatted on the bus. I was alone and it was silent but very peaceful. The future of the bus is now secure and it will be used to teach children about blogging and a wide range of other subjects.

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