Sunday Sevens #week2


1. Our Pupil Premium award in London was a big part of my week so I guess this is why I have chosen it.  Our school gets £50000 so we were happy.


2.  I took some pictures with my new lens and I am very excited about taking pictures using it.


3.  I liked the roof of Kings Cross so decided to take a snap.  I love it.


4.  Just after the award thing in London and I was enjoying myself a bit.


5.  The 24 hour blogging event in school was a big part of the week.  Great for the kids.


6.  I liked the light in this picture so I chose it.


7.  One of our students completed her placement.  She worked hard and I am sure she will be a big success in her career.

If you want to take part in Sunday Sevens find out more from Nat’s Blog here.  It’s a great way to blog about your week in pictures when you don’t want to write a full post




Sunday Sevens 1.


1.  My greatest bargain.  My solar lamp that cost 99p.  A winner I think.


2. I was lucky enough to see Chesterfield play on Saturday.  I had fun although they lost.  I had a lovely meal, a good laugh and a stadium tour.  Loved it.


3.  Former pupil and current professional footballer Liam Palmer dropped in to support us with a coaching session for charity.  A great lad and always good to chat to.


4. A night in the man-cave is always a winner.  I am excited about reading in here in the summer.  It is my peaceful place.



5. Learning to take better photographs and this one is my favourite.  I used bulb mode and it came off.  I am having this printed for my office and cave.


6.  A foot spa that I discovered in the street.  I thought it was funny so I took a snap.  I guess you had to be there.


Kids and outdoor education.  I feel it’s so important.  Picture sums it up for me.

My first ever attempt at Sunday Sevens.  A blog post that sums up a week in pictures when there is not enough to write a whole post each day.  You can check it out at Natalie’s blog here.

Selfie Sensation Kingswood

Our Selfie gallery today.  We may even take some more. Check back later for more magic from Kingswood.

Zip Wire and Balance Beam

It promises to be a busy day when the children get a second turn at doing the zip wire.  They will also be going on top of the balance beam and making dens.  The camp fires will be lit again to day too.

It will be interesting for the children and parents when we come home because the children have changed and grown as people.  They have resilience in abundance, independence and clearly there characters are stronger than ever.

I am sure they will enjoy today and they will have so much to say when they are home.  In other news Luke lost his tooth.